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Winner - 2001 Visionary and Retailers Award for Best Native American Music Finalist - 4th Annual
 New Age Voice Music Awards -
Best Native American Album
ebuted at #10 on New Age Voice Magazine's "Airwaves Top 100"

"I don't believe I have ever heard anything lovlier in my life!!  I sat in sort of a trance the entire CD with big tears in my eyes.  Scott's technique with the Native American flute is so much richer and fuller than other NA flute players and the accompanying instruments make such a difference in the total presentation of the music.  I didn't think "Walk Between Worlds" could be beaten but Scott did it." Louise Higman – WUOT - Knoxville, TN

"Wonderful, beautiful! 5 Stars" Book Mine - Cottage Grove, OR


CLOSER TO YOU - A piece about love in whatever form it may come to you.  For me this piece is about wanting to be with someone special who always seems to be, far away.  Wherever you are, I want to be, "Closer to You".

ALL GOOD MEDICINE - A saying - wishing the very best for you on your journey.  To me "Good Medicine" means those little unexplained "miracles" that occur in our daily lives, and when things just go our way.  I am wishing for perfect days for you, for happiness and health, for meaning in your life.

ALLELUIA - This is a popular spiritual that I have heard and enjoyed for years.  Using 3 Native American flutes and a bamboo flute in 4-part harmony, I take a few moments to honor the Creator who gave me this remarkable thing called my life and the world I live in.

MOJAVE MORNING - The desert at sunrise, the purple, gold, and red hues as the sun strikes the scattered clouds.  The wind, still throughout the night, awakens once more. The beauty of a brand new day, full of opportunity and hope, another "Mojave Morning".

SOFT WINDS  -  To the traditional Cherokee, there are Four Winds, each with its own color and power.  These spirit beings are placed at the four corners of the world. Their task is to attend to the cycle of the 4 seasons of the year. The South Wind messenger provides the people with the good and mild winds which cause all things to grow. He  is a thoroughly good messenger and is highly favored by the great Ouga (Creator) above.  In this piece, when I am referencing "Soft Winds",  I am asking for a blessing of good things to be sent to you and yours. May you walk on your way in peace with "Soft Winds" at your back. (Soft Winds MP3)

ABOVE THE SKY  -  There is a place where we can all go for refuge and solace.  I do not know the way well, but I can point you in the right direction - you must look within to visit the land "Above the Sky".

GRANDFATHER'S WAY -  A teacher called Grandfather taught us to walk in balance, to live with our brothers and sisters in harmony, to take care of the planet we live on and to honor the Creator in whatever form we believed He or She might take.  I have heard his teachings and I have sat before his grandson, but I follow his path with great difficulty as I am continually stumbling on "Grandfather's Way".

DONADAGOHV'I (FAREWELL) - The Cherokee phrase "do na da go hv' i" is a close translation for Michael's piece entitled "Farewell". The Cherokees have no word for "goodbye" or "farewell" because it makes parting seem so final. The phrase "do na da go hv' i" is equivalent to the English phrase "Until we meet again", or roughly translated as "Let us see each other (in the future)". The piece is to me, about two parting lovers whose lives are taking different directions, and who are saying, "Until we meet again."

AS LONG AS THE WATERS RUN - These traditional words "As Long as the Waters Run" were included on treaties between the US  government and Native American peoples - treaties that were to last "as long as the waters run and the grass is green".  In reality these treaties lasted only as long as the land and its resources held no value for the US government.  This piece starts out slowly with a feeling of loss and betrayal and ends more upbeat with an atmosphere of hope and strength, regardless of what our circumstances may seem.

WALKS ALONE MAN - It seems I have walked through life obsessed with watching my own feet upon my own path.   I have missed much of what was passing by.  The 3 flutes, an alto flute, a bamboo flute, and a Native American flute playing in 3-part harmony represent the beauty, love and joy that I have been too busy to see, hear and partake of.  And thus today I find myself, a "Walks Alone Man".

FEATHER ON THE WIND  -  Imagine a feather being tossed about, traveling along on the winds. Often in my own life I have felt like the feather, floating along without direction and guidance, but if I look closely I can see that every  moment has moved to this point, and if  just one thing had been different, there might not have been this music, this beautiful gift in my life.  I am the "Feather On The Wind", always sustained and guided by an invisible hand, and though tossed about, I am never alone.


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